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Benefits Projection Calculator for Employees

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To assist you to plan for your future, we made the following projections of your post retirement benefits based on your inputted data and some assumptions.

Comparison on projected relevant income at age 65 and average monthly amount after age 65

Make additional Flexi-Contributions according to your needs and retirement goals



This information is for your reference only. You can make additional Flexi-Contributions according to your own retirement goals. Please refer to Flexi-Contributions for details.

The projection is prepared based on the following assumptions:

  • The retirement age is 65.
  • The life expectancy for male is age 81 and female is age 87.
  • The relevant income is increased at 2.00% per annum on 1st January each year.
  • The investment return rate is 5.00% per annum and is credited on a monthly basis.
  • Mandatory contributions continue to be made until the age of 65.
  • A maximum level of relevant income of HKD30,000.00 per month is applied for calculating the mandatory contributions.
  • According to the MPF legislation, the maximum level of relevant income will be reviewed at least once in every four years, however this is not reflected in the above projection.
  • Voluntary contributions, if any, are to be made based on the current amount of voluntary contributions, increasing at 2.00% per annum on 1st January each year, until the age of 65.
  • Flexi-Contributions, if any, are to be made constantly at the current amount until the age of 65.
  • The assumptions of the annual relevant income increment and annual investment return are in today's value and will be reviewed every year.
  • The projected average monthly amount refers to the expected monthly instalment available to you, which lasts from age 65 to , based on the total projected MPF benefits.
  • For the calculation of the projected average monthly amount for your retirement from age 65 to , the investment return rate is 2.50% per annum and is credited on a monthly basis.

Important notes
The figures are for illustration purpose and are not guaranteed - they are not minimum or maximum amounts. The actual MPF benefits you would get back depend on the contributions made and the actual investment return. Your actual MPF benefits could be more or less than the projection. The projection information provided above should not be regarded as investment advice. Further, it has not taken into account of your own risk tolerance level and financial circumstances. If you have any doubts about the assumptions or the content of the information provided, please seek independent professional advice. Investment involves risks and past performance is not indicative of future performance. Please refer to the Principal Brochure for further details.